The manager of a New York bagel shop is being hailed for going above and beyond the call of duty to help a customer in need.

Diana Chong had left her car engine running as she stopped at Bagels 101 in Long Island for some breakfast last week. She had been preparing for a three-and-a-half-hour drive to visit some friends in Pennsylvania.

Upon arriving at her friend’s house, however, she realized she had forgotten her car keys on the counter of the bagel shop.

Because her car has an electronic fob, Chong can drive her car without possessing the key—but without the fob, the car won’t turn back on.

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Chong called Bagels 101 and spoke to shop manager Vinny Proscia about her dilemma. When Proscia learned that she had indeed left her keys on the counter, he nonchalantly offered to drive them to her friends house in Pennsylvania.

Despite being forced to drive in rush hour traffic, Proscia hopped in his car and headed to Pennsylvania. Not only did he happily hand off the keys to an awestruck Chong several hours later, he immediately turned around and headed home so he could work the next morning.

“That is what I was always taught: if I am able to help — help,” he told Inside Edition.

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