Cabbie’s, a small town bar in Wisconsin, was just another one of your run-of-the-mill hotbeds for teenage shenanigans, tom foolery and good times.

This was, in large part, thanks to a loyal young customer base comprised of students from the nearby Northland College.

Cabbie’s owners, Ida and “Cabbie” Meyer, maintained a close relationship with these young regulars, ever since the bar first opened in 1953 and became a stomping ground for kids who loved ten cent beer and midnight fights.

The Meyers were well-known for being easygoing in the face of mischief and loved the kids for bringing life into their establishment. The kids loved them back, even after the bar burnt down in ’63.

After Ida’s death earlier this Spring, $200,000 was gifted to the college in her will. The couple never had any children of their own.

Though Cabbie’s is now the Stagecoach Inn, it will always be remembered as the watering hole that brought a young community together every cold Wisconsin night for beer, bread, and a friendly brawl.

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Photo Credit to Ken Plants via Northland College