Sherlock Holmes running to rescue a pedestrian in distress sounds exactly like something out of the original book series, but earlier this week, that heroic story actually came to life—and it happened right near Baker St. in London.

Uber driver Manuel Dias was escorting a middle-aged married couple to their destination when they suddenly saw a bicyclist being mobbed by four young men.

The cyclist, who was a delivery rider for the meal service Deliveroo, had just removed his helmet when the attackers broke a bottle over his head and started to hit him.

Dias’s passenger jumped out of the car and ran into the fray, yelling “Leave him alone” – and it was then that he realized that his passenger was none other than Benedict Cumberbatch, the film and television actor from BBC’s Sherlock and Dr. Strange.

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As 53-year-old Dias ran to help Cumberbatch, the Sherlock star pulled the young men off of the cyclist and broke up the attack.

“I had hold of one lad and Benedict another. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing. He was very brave. He did most of it, to be honest,” Dias told The Star. “They tried to hit him but he defended himself and pushed them away. He wasn’t injured. Then I think they also re­cognized it was Be­ne­dict and ran away.”

Ironically, the attack took place right around the corner from Baker Street, which is the block on which the Sherlock Holmes series takes place.

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According to Dias, Cumberbatch made sure that the cyclist was okay before giving the young man a hug.

Deliveroo later posted a thank you note for the actor on Twitter, saying: “Thank you Benedict Cumberbatch for your brave actions. Deliveroo riders are heroes – their safety is our priority and any violence against them is totally unacceptable. So on behalf of everyone at Deliveroo: thank you.”

The New York Times says that the assault was also confirmed by the local police department. Cumberbatch, reportedly told The Sun, “I did it out of, well, I had to, you know . . .” although he has declined further comment on the incident.

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