homeless mother and boy-Athens-CC-Flickr-Ed YourdonBoe Kirner, who now lives in Perth, Australia, wrote a personal story on the Good News Network Page, after seeing a photo of Good Samaritans washing blankets for the homeless. The 21-year-old New Zealander said she was in New York City doing a 6 month stint as a paramedic.

“One of my call outs was a homeless mother and son. Wrong place, wrong time — she had been shot and would be in hospital for a while.”

“The teen wasn’t allowed to stay at the hospital, which shocked me a little bit. So I put the boy into a taxi and gave him my front door key and paid the cabbie.

That boy could’ve ransacked my home.

After a long night of dealing with some eye-popping incidences, I got home to find a meal wrapped up on my kitchen counter. It was scrambled eggs on toast with a ‘Thank you So Much’ note.

13-yr old Nathanial and his mother Natalia stayed with me for the duration of my stay. Natalia got a job as an emergency response dispatcher and Nathanial is studying to become an mechanical engineer at the Navy.”

“I’m now 28 and I still have that note Nathanial wrote me 7 years ago. They’re not the first people I’ve taken in. I enjoy being able to help when others need it. I can’t change the world, but I can make a difference along with quite a good number of you on this Facebook Page and others. You are the small difference you make in someones life.”

Unrelated Photo by Ed Yourdon via Flickr-CC


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