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No one in their right mind would want to go near a big cat in the wild, but these brave villagers weren’t about to let an endangered animal drown.

A farmer in Maharashtra, India overheard an animal’s fearful cry coming from within a 60-foot deep well. When he peered inside, he saw a terrified 4-year-old leopard clinging onto a rope above the water for dear life.

After they received the call for help, the Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Centre arrived on the scene and – with a team of villagers at their side – sprung into action.

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First, the group lowered a large wooden platform into the well next to the cat. Once it had crawled on, they eased a metal cage in to seal the deal.

Even though the leopard was wary of the contraption, it soon gave in to its exhaustion and climbed aboard.

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Once wildlife specialists examined the animal and declared it unharmed, it was released back into its natural habitat.

(WATCH the daring rescue below)


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