Josette Duran assumed that when her son started asking for two lunches, it was because he wasn’t eating enough – but as it turns out, it was his heart that was bigger than his meal.

The boy had seen another student at his school in Albuquerque, New Mexico eating just a fruit cup every day by himself. The student’s mother had apparently lost her job and was unable to buy supplemental food for the family.

When her son told this to Josette, she didn’t hesitate to pack two drinks, two sandwiches, two snacks, two pieces of fruit, and a sweet little note wishing him and his new friend a good day at school.

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Josette was eventually called to the principal’s office at the request of the student’s mother – she thanked Duran for feeding her son and offered to pay her pack with her renewed income, but Josette refused.

The school volleyball team that Duran coaches even donated $400 to the cafeteria for kids who couldn’t afford lunch in the future.

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