7-year-old Brady Duke was heartbroken to hear that one of his local police officers was killed in the line of duty. He could only imagine how sad the rest of the police force must be feeling after losing one of their own.

So Brady selected his most prized possession to send along as a gift to the grieving police officers of Wausau, Wisconsin: his beloved Nintendo Wii.

Included with the game console was a few of the boy’s favorite games and a note from Brady’s mother Jessica reading: “This is Brady’s favorite thing. He loves to play Wii so much. After yesterday’s events, he decided that he wants to give it to a police officer to make them feel better.”

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The boys in blue were overwhelmed with emotion after receiving the boy’s thoughtful gift.

“We have experienced great acts of compassion, love, and generosity from this community, but we had to share this story with our community,” wrote officials in the department. “Brady’s example is one we can all follow.”

The game console has become a popular installation at the station. Police chiefs are actually encouraging their officers to take breaks when they’re feeling overwhelmed and play a game, instead. The crowd pleaser? LEGO Star Wars.

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The law enforcement team turned out to be so pleased with the gift, that they invited Brady to the station for an afternoon of video gameplay with the officers.

They also gifted him with a brand new game system as a thank you.

“He was over the moon excited to be invited to play Wii with the officers today (said to be the best day of his life so far),” wrote Jessica Duke. “After an hour of playing Wii (as if that were not enough), they surprised him by giving him an XBOX 360!!!!! Brady is so thankful!”

(WATCH the video below)

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