brazil_promotes_good_news.jpgOn March 9th, if you see a newpaper or magazine with any good news published, buy it. This is The Day of Light, a day that asks people to stop and choose their attitude, making there needs to be more positivity in the media.

Created in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the Day of Light began as a conversation among a group of DJs, videographers, advertisers and journalists who noticed that the public gets hit too often with negative news. The way out, they decided, was to regain power over the news by actively influencing the stories that shape the lives of those who read them.

So, on March 9th, you are invited to stop, step out of your roles of spectators and only buy newspapers and magazines that display at least one positive story on the cover.

“Bad things do happen, and they do have to be brought to people’s attention,” says Fabio K. Guimarães, who ignited the idea. “But there is also good news, which can inspire people and generate positive initiatives. We intend to make people aware of the fact that good news attracts good things and to propose more balance to the media.”

The initiative is supported by Cláudio Lins, Eduardo Moscovis, Natália Lage, Ingrid Guimarães and other well-known local TV personalities.

The Day of Light is not, however, just a day to read good news. On the same day (March 9th), at 11 a.m., a group will leave from Posto 6, in Copacabana beach, and walk as far as Leme – in a collective act to raise awareness for the cause.

The organizers are inviting others to do the same, wherever they are. Watch the video below. (If you speak Portuguese, choose that option on YouTube, since it has more nuance in the original.)


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