Everyone loves music, regardless of faith, culture, gender, or race.

That’s why this diverse orchestra of musicians from all over the world offered up their instruments for an interactive global song – and made you the conductor.

The orchestra includes an accordion from Turkey, a viola from Austria, a saxophone from Venezuela, a sitar from Sri Lanka, a synth from Argentina, and a dozen other instruments representing different countries. Additionally, all of the musicians are playing from the comfort of their own homes.

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The music played by each artist is recorded in a series of YouTube videos – all of which are rhythmless. This means that no matter when you start playing each video, all of the tunes blend seamlessly together to make a beautiful melody.

The composer, Daniel Land, worked with travel company Expedia to create the orchestra’s music so that anyone – regardless of artistic experience – could make their own inspiring tunes.

“Each clip is one performance with no looping, although the YouTube videos themselves have been formatted to loop once,” says Land. “‎I didn’t want to specify an exact time, as the whole point (for me) was that the clips should be incommensurable, and naturally fall into different combinations.”

(CHECK OUT the orchestra below)

World in Tune by Expedia.co.uk

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