In possibly one of the most endearingly Canadian gestures he has shown in office, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is trending on Twitter for casually kayaking up to a family on World Environment Day and chatting it up with a local family.

Carrie Robinson, whose parents were discussing the rising water levels of Ontario’s Niagara River and similar environmental issues with Trudeau, filmed the exchange and later posted the clip on social media.

“Justin Trudeau just kayaked up to my house and talked to my parents? Classic,” says Robinson.

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Trudeau had been on his way down the river from delivering some hard-hitting comments on climate change and Canada’s position with the Paris Climate Accord.

“The future is still bright for those who have the courage to confront hard truths and the confidence to stay the course. Canada will not back down from our commitment to fight climate change,” said the life vest-clad Trudeau. “And we are not alone. Around the world, nearly every country is on our side. … We can’t walk away from the reality of climate change, and we won’t walk away from a global plan that has a realistic chance of fighting it.”

(WATCH the video below)

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