I sit here in awe as I write this post. A few days ago I called Capital One to get a new debit card since it stopped working in certain machines. As I talked to a nice lady in Virginia who helped overnight me a new card, my daughter was trying to put her Yankee charm bracelet on.

Kaya loved this bracelet and for some reason, the charm fell off. I couldn’t fix it and she started to cry while I was on the phone.

The lady on the phone asked how old Kaya was and said she had a daughter around the same age and she knows how upsetting something like that could be. She said she would try to hurry up so I can get off the phone.

I got my card in the mail and all was normal until today when I got a package from the lady at Capital One. She sent a Charm Bracelet kit and the note below. This was the nicest gesture a stranger has done for me in a really long time.bob and ellen wallace-wedding-submitted

Banking On Kindness: How One Phone Rep Went Above And Beyond The Call

It makes me happy to think there are still wonderful people in this world, even though all we hear is the negative. This is a special thank you to Jocelyn from Capital One who I do not know and I may never know. You put a bright smile on my daughters face today.


Imagine, a Kind Big Bank – Pass It On…

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