SC man drives water to Michigan -mash up of photos

Following the charity efforts of stars like Pearl Jam, Cher, and The Game, one man in a city far away is joining the ranks of private citizens making a difference in Flint.

South Carolina resident John Wright will be making the 887-mile journey to deliver hundreds of cases of clean bottled H2O to Americans suffering through the contaminated water crisis in Michigan.


After the end of a three-day donation drive hosted this week by John, residents in Mount Pleasant had contributed so many cases of water for his journey north that he had to abandon his plan to use the rented  U-Haul truck – and upgrade to an 18-wheeler tractor-trailer.

“It’s a good problem to have,” he told WCIV.

The water will be arriving on Monday at the community center in Flint for distribution.

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“I think about living here in the Low Country and realizing that there are lots of things we take for granted,” Wright said in a press release. “Water is one of those things.  Who would ever think we could not have clean and safe water anywhere in America?  The families in Flint, Michigan can certainly share what it is like to not have one of the most important resources for healthy living.”

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Michigan officials are now discussing rebates for utility bills paid by residents for water they could not drink going back more than a year.

(WATCH the video HERE from ABC4)

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