400 Union Plumbers Volunteered to Install Water Filters in Flint For Free

400 Union Plumbers Volunteered to Install Water Filters in Flint For Free

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Flint Micigan Union Plumbers

An army of 300 union plumbers from across the state and country joined local workers to fan out across Flint, Michigan to update faucets for residents in the wake of the city’s lead contamination problem.

They installed water filters and new faucets in 1,100 homes in a single day. An international union and a trade group representing plumbing manufacturers donated the money, faucets and supplies to make it happen.


The state has been providing free water filters to the citizens of Genesee County, but when the homes have old or odd shaped faucets, the filters can’t be connected.

Dozens of union plumbers with United Association Local 370 inside the county have been going door-to-door since October volunteering to install filter and give free faucets and services.

Plumbing Manufacturers International, representing the companies that manufacture plumbing fixtures, donated thousands of faucets for Saturday’s citywide project. The local’s parent union called in members from across the U.S. to help in a one day show of solidarity, giving away free cases of water, too.

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The filters are necessary since lead levels in Flint’s water supply skyrocketed after the city switched water sources about two years ago. Corrosive water from the Flint River damaged pipes, letting lead leech into drinking water.

(WATCH the video below or READ more at Michigan Radio)

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  1. I’m so tearfully moved by this article! My faith in humanity has always been there, it’s when I shift my focus towards something positive is when I finally see it. There are a ton of wonderful human beings out there in the world, it’s amazing to see. 🙂