This adventurous feline was spared one of its 9 lives thanks to the ingenuity of two determined Chinese students.

In a video that was filmed in Liangshan Yi Prefecture in Sichuan Province, two boys can be seen worrying over a cat that got itself trapped on the top of a building canopy.

As the tiny cat can be heard meowing in distress, one of the boys has the bright idea to turn his umbrella upside down and hold it up to the canopy. A second student steps in to help, by holding up the other side of the rescue net.

The two students patiently wait for the cat to accept their offer of assistance. Finally, the cat inches closer to the edge of the canopy, eyes the umbrella ruefully, and eventually finds the courage to jump into its depths.

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Once the boys feel the weight of the cat in the umbrella, they gently lower it to the ground and set the feline free.

The video, which was published by Newsflare earlier this week, has already been viewed thousands of times.

(WATCH the video below)

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