Moyo the baby elephant was only a few days old when his loving human mother found him orphaned and alone on the shores of a lake in Zimbabwe.

After searching the area for his herd and waiting four days to see if the pachyderms would return, Roxy Danckwerts and the other conservationists at Wild is Life Zen Sanctuary determined that Moyo was alone.

Danckwerts took the young elephant into her care – and they have been virtually inseparable ever since.

With 15 months of therapy and care, Moyo has overcome much of the trauma imprinted by his abandonment and near drowning at Lake Kariba; and this week, he was finally able to overcome his fear of large bodies of water.

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An endearing video published by the BBC shows Danckwerts and Moyo’s canine companion Josephine trying to coax the nervous orphan into the water.

Once he discovers that there is nothing to be afraid of, he starts to play in the water. Danckwerts, meanwhile, can’t stop smiling over Moyo’s victory.

(WATCH the video below)

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