Cedya CP special game console screenshot The Gamers Charity

Cedya is back in the game, now that a UK charity has leveled the video playing field for hundreds of kids like her.

The little girl has cerebral palsy, making it almost impossible to maneuver around standard video gaming controllers. But with her custom-build system of buttons, levers, and switches, she can take on any one of her friends.

“I’m a gamer!” Cedya exclaimed the first time she took the controls.

The equipment is built by SpecialEffect: The Gamers Charity, which is dedicated to making video games accessible to all, regardless of physical disability.

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SpecialEffect is based in Oxfordshire, UK. Its headquarters, the Accessible Games Center, is staffed with a mix of gaming technology experts who work alongside therapists.

The charity says there’s no “one size fits all solution” for what they do. They create technology ranging from modified joypads to eye-control that lets people play games to the very best of their abilities.

Just as they have done for hundreds of other people they help every year, members of SpecialEffect visited with Ceyda to gauge her particular needs. They then custom-built game controls that fit her abilities.

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Her mother says she used to watch friends and family play games while she sat frustrated on the sidelines. Now her mother loves watching while Cedya plays.

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