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Mary Nelson may be confined to a wheelchair, but she can feel the breeze in her hair now, too–since her father built a roll-on swing set for her.

Mary, who has a type of muscular atrophy and needs the wheelchair and a breathing tube to get around, couldn’t climb into a regular playground swing, and the nearest wheelchair accessible playground was more than 10 miles away.

Her dad, Ryan, who has a background in mechanical engineering, drew up plans for a swing that could hold her and her 450 pound wheelchair. (In the photo, he hasn’t attached the latch yet that will hold the ramp in place.)Ryan-Czech-Jerylyn-hug-WTFX-video

Eighth Grader Raises $2700 to Buy Wheelchair for 10-Year-Old


Ryan Nelson won a Fatherly Fund grant from a parenting website, after getting the most votes in Fatherly’s competition last fall. He used the $1,000 to buy a quarter ton of lumber, bolts and other hardware to build the giant swing in a single day.

Mary’s wheelchair can be rolled up the ramp and, with a little push, is gliding back and forth. Siblings and friends can even glide with her.

“This is awesome!” Mary said her first time on the swing.

It’ll be even more awesome when Mr. Nelson finishes the playhouse and slide to complete the playground.

(WATCH the video and READ more at Fatherly) – Photo from Facebook video

LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID! A while back I asked you guys to vote on a project that would enable a buddy of mine to build a wheelchair swing set for his daughter. You voted in force and he won the competition. He used the money to buy the hardware, and yesterday he let me come over and help build the main structure. Check out the video! (If you're interested, the original post was here https://www.facebook.com/SmarterEveryDay/photos/a.280459888654850.82955.216515601715946/851269094907257/)

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