20 dollar billsThe Rev. Jackson Crum told members of his Chicago Park Community Church this month that their great city is struggling and needs hope.

As ushers distributed envelopes stuffed with bills large and small, Crum told members of his flock to put the nearly $12,000 to work in the corners of the community where they think it will do the most good.

“Isn’t that why we’re here as a church?” Crum said, at the Jan 6 service.

The small amount inside some of the envelopes got some members thinking about how they could multiply the amount before doing good.

(What a great conversation-starter. What would you do with less than $10 if charged with this mission? Tell us in the Comments below.)

(READ the story from Chicago Tribune)


  1. Nice story, and good question! With $10, I could:

    – buy someone some flowers
    – take someone out for coffee
    – buy some seeds so that they can grow a garden
    – buy them a small treat that shows you know their interest
    – etc. etc. etc.!

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