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The Christmas charity campaign supported by Good News Network reported some very good news this morning—a last minute donation that organizer Brice Royer called a Christmas miracle.

An anonymous donor’s contribution of $4,455 pushed the campaign over the top to reach its $25,000 goal.

The catalyst for the generous donation was a tiny offering earlier this week: a man who had very little money of his own gave his last dollar to the campaign. Royer says Lou Jenkins from Chicago gave the smallest donation possible – $1 – but it may have been the most meaningful.


“That’s my last dollar in my account. But I know what it’s like to stay in a shelter… I can’t imagine what it would be like for a child,” he wrote on the pledge page.

News of the heart-felt donation then inspired someone to step out of their comfort zone and give nearly $4,500. They left this message:

“I felt inspired by that man who gave his last dollar. He gave 100%. My donation isn’t my 100%, but it’s pushing my comfort zone. Generosity is contagious. What if you also give outside your comfort zone?”

We all have blocks preventing us from giving. ‘I already give enough to local charities. I’m busy. I need to save money for myself and my family. My donation is too small to make a difference. Poverty can’t be solved. People should solve their own problems.’ We can’t change the world with these thoughts.

This fundraiser isn’t like anything I have seen before. What strikes me is the level of tenacity and kindness in those who have so little and yet give so much.

We need more innovative non-profit solutions like this solar powered tiny home. Merry Christmas to those who believe in miracles. You had your miracle today. It happened because one man gave everything he had.”

Congratulations to all who donated and to Francesca and Charlotte who will now have a home to live in while helping to start a pay-it-forward housing program. Royer, who is dealing with cancer and met the homeless mom and her four-year-old daughter because she volunteered to cook for him, wants to give a “big thank-you” to Good News Network.

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“It wouldn’t have been possible without you and GNN!” he said on Facebook.

Francesca, who was going to have to move out of her women’s shelter in February, was overwhelmed in Vancouver, B.C. when she realized the goal had been reached.

“OMG, thank you Good News Network for all that you do. I can’t believe my eyes when I woke up to this wonderful news.”

It was the generosity of people throughout Canada, the U.S., and elsewhere, that lifted the dream of a nonprofit tiny-home community off the ground.

Royer had other good news this morning about progress toward that end. “A local bank expressed interest in funding the project for a tiny home community. They see this as a ‘high impact’ project. This might be an exciting partnership in the future!”

(WATCH a video below of Francesca hearing the news they were going to build her a tiny solar home)

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