Tiny houses are now free to be erected within the city of Atlanta.

As a means of addressing affordable housing issues, the Atlanta City Council in Georgia just approved an amendment within their city zoning legislation that allows “accessory dwelling units.”

The amendment applies to two family residential neighborhoods within the city, eliminating the need for restrictions on the size of a housing structure. City ordinance previously required structures to be over 750 square feet.

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A statement within the legislation reading: “accessory dwelling units without off-street parking on parcels without a curbcut or parcels without off-street parking” also implies that residents who don’t own a car are encouraged to move in to the city.

“The sky’s the limit to what’s possible,” Atlanta city councilman Kwanza Hall told Atlanta magazine. “It’s just up to us as a community to figure out what we want to do, what we envision in the future, and opening up as many possibilities as we can dream up.”

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