While these students were unsuccessful in getting their beloved snow day, they certainly get an “A” for effort.

Superintendent Dr. Aaron Cornman of Hillsboro schools in Missouri tweeted a photo of a mysterious package that was found on his doorstep during last week’s snowy cold snap.

The special delivery consisted of seven Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and a note that simply said: “You know what to do”.

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“The first round of “Please Call School Off Tomorrow” candy has arrived. Students in my neighborhood really want a Snow Day!!! They remembered my favorite!” Cornman wrote in the tweet.

“Last year it was Hershey bars and I tweeted to them that I wasn’t a [Hershey] fan… a year later – they remembered and man did they!” he added.

Unfortunately, Cornman was not swayed by the sweet gift and later posted on Twitter saying that school was still on.

The Hillsboro students aren’t the only ones to resort to bribery for a day off, either – Superintendent Dr. Link Luttrell of Festus, Missouri posted a similar photo of a box of Frosty Nerds candy left on his doorstep last week. The enclosed note read: “Don’t be a Nerd #CallItOffLink”.

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