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Finding a Pokemon will be as easy as a walk in the park with these shoes. They’re designed to play along with the Pokemon GO app, lighting up and playing music whenever you’re near one of the animated game’s monsters.

High Beam Shoes says their new line of footwear syncs with the app on the wearer’s phone and includes extra safety features.

Because of accidents and injuries caused by people passionately playing Pokemon GO, the company added headlights to their gaming shoe.

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The lights not only highlight a player’s path, but also make players more visible to traffic or others who might otherwise run into them.

The shoes are expected to be available this fall, but High Beam Shoes hasn’t announced their price yet.

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The immense popularity of the new Pokemon app has given rise to good deeds and better health outcomes, like helping an animal shelter find dogs walkers, and fighting boredom in children’s hospitals.

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