As demand for coal drops further and further in light of expanding renewable energy sources, more and more American workers are faced with unemployment and poverty.

That’s why this company plans on retraining coal miners to become wind farmers.

Goldwind Americas is the Illinois-based branch of a Chinese wind turbine manufacturer. The company has recently announced that they will be offering free training programs for any coal worker in need of a job.

Following an energy conference on Thursday, officials have announced that the newest Goldwind wind farm will be opening up shop in Carbon County, Wyoming – the first coal mining site to ever open in the state.

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Goldwind has promised to build roughly 850 turbines in the region, which will require a team of 200 workers to maintain. In the company’s eyes, coal miners are an ideal, untapped work force who already have an understanding of mechanical engineering, as well as hard labor. In the coming summer months, the Goldwind Works program will start the retraining process, which will hopefully scoop dozens of Americans out of poverty.

“If we can tap into that market and also help out folks that might be experiencing some challenges in the work force today, I think that it can be a win-win situation,” Goldwind chief executive, David Halligan, told the New York Times. “If you’re a wind technician, you obviously can’t be afraid of heights. You have to be able to work at heights, and you have to be able to work at heights in a safe manner.”

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