Officer Borne and Busted Car-Submitted

Stranded on the side of a highway near a busy onramp stood an 18-year-old student with a tire blowout. Luckily, Officer Jason Borne saw the young man while on patrol.

The policeman pulled over to help the student change his tire since the youth didn’t have a jack.

“I began teaching the young man how to change his flat tire with the basics: put your emergency brake on, righty tighty, lefty loosey, where the jacking points were, etc.,” says Borne. “[But] once we got the destroyed tire off, we realized that the ‘spare’ tire that was thrown in with the purchase of the 16 year-old car was the wrong size and the nuts wouldn’t fit.”

Borne and his partner bought the student new tires and said that the “shocked look on his face” was all the payment they needed.

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Unfortunately, the student was still going to be driving an old car with unrepaired collision damage and an unaligned front end.

That’s why Officer Borne then created a GoFundMe page to ensure reliable transportation for the student. With the attention of social media, the campaign has already raised $6,900 —more than the original goal of $5,000.

“I want to get his alignment done at a minimum. Ideally, it would be even more incredible to fix the car, or even send him on to college with a more reliable mode of transportation,” says Borne. “I hope we can give this young man an inspiring display of community and philanthropy.”

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