German Shepherd Facebook community leader-Cheryl  GoedeA few days ago, Police Officer Cheryl Goede responded to a call about a “suspicious vehicle” and found a man who’d lost his job and lost his house. He lived in the car because he considered his family to be his two German shepherd companions and would never think of dropping them off at a shelter.

Little did he know that the woman officer was also a passionate dog-lover who heads up the wildly popular Facebook page, The German Shepherd Dog Community.

What happened next warmed the hearts of those those on Facebook and gave the man, AJ Hawk, new hope. (READ the story in the Examiner)

A Feb. 21 UPDATE from Cheryl on her Facebook page reports the German Shepherd community has raised enough money for several months of rent for AJ.

“I got in touch with AJ yesterday to have him start looking for a place to live! I also have made contact with a wonderful lady who is going to give him some information on getting started in the hail restoration industry. AJ has also promised to try and get me a picture of Houdini and Ceasar together to post on the page. (

Thanks to Esmée La Fleur for submitting the story!

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