For 12 long years, everyone puzzled over who was tending the mysterious memorial on the hilltop bordering a Chevron scraping station.

The memorial, located near the company’s facility in Richmond, California, was bordering the fence that surrounded the property. Even though no one was ever seen visiting the tribute, it was always delicately managed with flowers and solar lights.

The site’s upkeep remained a mystery until last year when the Chevron facility’s fencing required upgrades. They left a note at the site with the company’s number, asking the anonymous visitor to give them a call regarding the memorial.

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They eventually received a call from Ray Olson, the caretaker of the grave. The grave itself belong to his son – also named Raymond – who died in a car accident relating to a drunk driver back in 2003.

Ray assumed that Chevron was reaching out to him to tell him that they needed to remove his memorial

Little did he know, Chevron executive Joe Lorenz collaborated with the local neighborhood council to create a proper canonization of Raymond’s son.

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A permanent park bench was erected in the park with a plaque commemorating the late Raymond, along with a photo of the youth.

“We said, ‘This is your spot, Ray. You no longer have to come at night,’” Lorenz told NBC.

Moved by the powerful new memorial, Olson said that he now finally feels equipped to accept his son’s death.

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