While their smelly spray may not be the cutest thing in the world, this baby skunk and his playmate are sure to melt your heart.

A video that was uploaded to YouTube by Viral Hog last August shows a young house-trained skunk from Silver City, New Mexico trying to chase down a remote-controlled version of itself.

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Since the critter is still pretty small, he is barely able to keep up with his 4-wheeled counterpart – but he certainly seems to delight in the case.

While the video does not have an excessive amount of details about the skunk, they told ViralHog: “We have tons of dog and cat toys and we dug out this skunk kind of toy… He follows it a bit, but he’s too young to really play with it. This was a month ago and he can manhandle that little skunk now.”

(WATCH the video below)

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