Man on Beach CC Hernán Piñera

Growing up in a small, rural village in Poland, Iwona Pinkowicz always dreamed of travel–but her father never dared. He was a hard working man who had no time or money for such luxuries as the beach.

Marian, sometimes working two jobs to provide for his family, had never taken a vacation trip–and certainly never dreamed of globe trotting to the tropics.

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His daughter Iwona became a photographer and digital marketer in London, and became an avid world traveler.

As a way to thank her father for all he’d done over the years, Iwona and her fiancee surprised Marian with an extra ticket on their 16-day trip to Singapore before hopping to Bali, a tropical paradise in Indonesia late last year.

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Iwona documented Marian’s adventure in photos. From soaking in pools, to biking through a rain forest, and smiling contentedly with sand on his bare feet lying in a hammock, each image, Iwona says, is a reminder that “you should take the time to treat your friends and family.”

(SEE Iwona Pinkowicz’s photos and READ her story at Bored Panda) – Photo: Hernán Piñera: CC

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