Death Valley is coming alive with a rare, once in a decade, “superbloom” — where millions of wildflowers burst into full color all at once.

Park Ranger Alan Van Valkenburg calls it “beyond all your expectations.”


He’s lived in Death Valley National Park for 25 years and says flowers are almost always blooming somewhere in the park. But superblooms are rare and brief when they do happen.

Millions of seeds may lie buried in the park’s soil for years, adding up for a massive crop of wildflowers. When the weather conditions are just right, they all begin to sprout at the same time, spreading across the gray and brown desert in waves of brilliant colors.

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The Park Service says it’s happening right now and Van Valkenburg calls it a “once in a lifetime” opportunity for visitors to see a superbloom.

(WATCH the video from the National Park Service below) — Photos: National Park Service

Death Valley Exposed: Wildflowers - February 2016

Death Valley Exposed: Wildflowers - February 2016 In what could be a rare ‘super bloom’, Death Valley is transforming from a valley of death to a valley of life.“If you get the chance to see a bloom in Death Valley, especially a super bloom, you should take the opportunity to see it because it could be a once in a lifetime opportunity.” – Park Ranger Alan Van ValkenburgJoin Alan in this episode of "Death Valley Exposed" and learn more about the current bloom that is spreading across the park. Death Valley Exposed is a video podcast series that highlights various snapshots from Death Valley National Park. Produced by Bristlecone Media and the National Park Service in association with Death Valley Natural History Association, an official nonprofit partner of Death Valley National Park.

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