art from the Creative Growth Studio in Paris (NYC exhibit)A huge indoor space in Oakland, California serves as a professional art studio for adults with developmental, mental and physical disabilities, and provides an environment for artistic development, gallery exhibition and even representation.

Instead of staying at home and sitting in front of the television, adults, like Dan Miller who has autism, can express themselves at the Creative Growth Art Center in a social setting among their peers. An added benefit, he and others are earning money through sales of their distinctive artwork.

Since 1973, Creative Growth has played a significant role in increasing public interest in the artistic capabilities and achievements of people with disabilities. Many of the paintings and textiles created in Oakland, and at the Creative Growth studio in Paris, hang in major galleries around the world. Most of the artists are self-taught.

The Rug Workshop offers an opportunity for a Creative Growth artist to earn hourly pay, while collaborating in the production of Creative Growth limited edition rugs.

Half of the proceeds of art sales go back into the studios to buy the paint, canvas, fabric and materials these artists rely upon.

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