Note for driver gives tires anonymouslyLast week a photograph was posted to a social media website showing a typed note left anonymously on a truck.

The Good Samaritan wrote, “You do not know me but I saw that you needed some tires for your truck and I wanted to do something nice for a stranger because one day a stranger did something nice for me. The receipt is in the envelope and all you have to do is go by Warehouse Tire on 3rd Street and ask for Steven Hodges and they will be put on for free.”

The note ended: “All I ask is that one day you do something nice for a complete stranger.”

Some Reddit users did not believe the note to be genuine, so a Huffington Post writer telephoned Warehouse Tire & Battery Sales in Washington, North Carolina. Steven Hodges confirmed the payment for a new set of tires.

Acts of kindness happen every day, especially amid natural disasters. But such random acts are special too, and such a delightful surprise. Asking the recipient to choose a stranger and ‘pay it forward’ might lead to more delightful stories.

Please share your own ideas or examples in the comments below…

Thanks to Chris Cloud for sending the link!


  1. … Well, how about for more examples of random kindnesses… and your opportunity to sign up for a 29-Day Challenge to give 1 Gift a day (anything!) for 29 days & see what it does for you & others! It’s been great for me… and no, this is not an endorsement I’m getting paid for… just referring like-minded people to another Feel-Good site! Can’t have too many of those!!!

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