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In honor of National Dog Day, a day designed to help raise awareness for the dogs of the world that still need to be rescued and adopted, we’ve pulled together a few adorable pups who will make you “Awww” out loud.

Founded in 2004 by animal advocate Colleen Paige, Dog Day has been supported by Jimmy Fallon, Paula Abdul, Willie Nelson, and even former U.S. President George W. Bush, whose dog, Barney the Scottish terrier, has starred in a series of videos.

Aside from being lovable, the National Dog Day Foundation reminds us that dogs put their lives on the line every day for their law enforcement partners, and selflessly help blind companions and those who are disabled every day.

If you have the means, consider adopting a dog this year—outfitting them in pajamas is optional.

You may not be able to actually pet these four furry guys, but we would like you to e-meet them…

This Shelter Dog Was Rescued by the Coast Guard

Mark-and-Charlie dog Pets for Patriots BlogFeeling the effects of empty-nest syndrome, Mark and his wife adopted a young Lhasa Apso named Charlie through the non-profit, Pets for Patriots.

Charlie had multiple disabilities, a low-grade heart murmur and epilepsy, which made the shelter dog extremely hard-to-adopt.

In spite of Charlie’s physical challenges, with guidance from a Pets for Patriots veterinary partner, Mark and his wife have been giving the one-year-old pup as much physical activity as he can handle.

“He’s very adorable and puts a smile on my heart,” Mark says.

These Cuddly Sleepover Dogs Have Their Own Instagram Following:

The Pajama-clad Blue Boys’ are English Staffordshire Bull Terriers From Brisbane, Australia

Goodnight friends ❤️????❤️

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This Dog Escaped Euthanasia and “Ran the Lunchroom”

Chieftain was a 10-year-old, 90-pound German Shepherd with severe separation anxiety when he arrived at Best Friends Animal Society in Utah, the nation’s largest no-kill sanctuary. His anxiety was so bad that a trainer suggested he be euthanized, but the folks at Best Friends had other plans for him.

Chieftain Lunch_Best Friends Animal SocietyChieftain’s favorite place turned out to be the staff lunchroom. He got to hang out there with his caregivers a few times each week, and, to distract him from the food, they offered him something he would come to love even more — tennis balls. Instead of begging people for their lunches, Chieftain would make them laugh by chasing the ball around the room. All the while, his caregivers worked tirelessly to find him a home where he would feel safe.

As it turned out, the very first application that came in after he was ready to be adopted, ended up being the best home possible. Leslie Ames runs the Basset Rescue of Montana out of her home, so she’s always around, and happened to be looking specifically for a large, senior German Shepherd. Chieftain now enjoys hiking and running around on two acres of land, and keeps watch by the horse gate when Leslie feeds them every day.

Photos: The Blueboys Instagram, Pets for Patriots, Best Friends Animal Society

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