People constantly stop Veronica Peterson on the street asking about Judge’s unique birthmark.

Judge is her 1-year-old Golden Retriever, a pup distinguished by the mark on his muzzle that looks like a black smudge.

Peterson, who is a lawyer in Reno, Nevada, says his mark was the main thing that drew her and her husband to choose him.

“We just knew we had to have him because of how unique he was!” Peterson told Good News Network. “And yes, I named him Judge because I am an attorney – kinda cheesy, I know.”

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The more that people commented on Judge’s birthmark, the more she felt compelled to ask those people to identify what makes them “remarkable,” too. For the last eight months, she has been documenting people’s responses on social media – and their answers are pretty heartwarming.


On “The Remarkable Golden” Facebook page, you can see ruffly 100 pictures of Judge posing with strangers, but the best part is their captions—a quote from each person about what makes them special.

Some of the responders say that they’re unique because of their ability to sleep all day without interruption; others say that they’re singular because of their abilities as an empath; and then some simply pride themselves on their ability to eat a whole bag of donuts in under 2 minutes.


Most inspiring is the number of people who say that they’re unique because they are positive, or compassionate, or because they always choose to see the good in people.

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