Abused women fleeing their homes already have their own survival to worry about, let alone worrying about their cats and dogs. Yet even though there are over 1,500 domestic violence shelters in the United States, very few offer safety for pets as well.

But now thanks to a community-driven volunteer organization called Rescue Rebuild, shelters will begin to be retrofitted for animals.

Rescue Rebuild’s partnership with RedRover’s Safe Housing program will kick off in November with the renovation of the Emergency Support Shelter (ESS) in Longview, Washington.

The shelter will be fitted with pet doors connecting family rooms to kennels as well as more animal-friendly features within the shelter.

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“Making the decision to leave an abusive situation is incredibly difficult,” said Sherrie Tinoco, Executive Director of ESS. “By giving victims the opportunity to bring their pets with them when they do so, it eliminates just one of the many barriers they are facing.”

For the 70% of women reporting their abusers causing harm to their animals, it oftentimes leaves survivors with little choice of where to pursue safety. Since it only costs about $5,000 to provide pet accommodations per shelter, however, hope is on the horizon for the future of domestic violence survivors and their furry companions.

You can donate to the organization and check out their progress on the Rescue Rebuild website.

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