Down syndrome homecoming queen- CBS Video clipNot only does Rachel Cooperstein have Down syndrome, she participates as a regular cheerleader in the all-inclusive squad at San Francisco’s Dublin High School.

Friday night she was crowned Homecoming Queen — a title her fellow classmates were thrilled to give her in a secret ballot.

WATCH the video, which includes the moment she learns she has been selected.



  1. good for all of those kids that took the time to look on the inside! And to see what she really has to offer!!—— I think that the government should invest in a program… From Pre-School on UP… That would instill CoRE values in kids. Like… Honesty, Integrity, Choice and Accountability, Kindness… “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, Love… And maybe trying to find similarities in each other… Rather than all of these differences.

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