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My name is Philippe, and I’m from France. I am a mechanical engineer by background and worked in the car industry for 12 years. I had a nice career, but somehow felt out of place there.

I moved to San Francisco with my American wife, and I found the inspiration to quit my job and start a positive blog project called Dreemit.

I interview people on the streets of San Francisco and Europe and ask them about their dreams in life. It has been an amazing experience as I get to connect with strangers who open their hearts and share their biggest dreams to a stranger, me. Of course we have differences, but I’ve learnt that we each have so much in common – we are all looking for health, fulfillment, connection, and happiness in many ways.

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On the streets of Barcelona, for example, I met Svetlana, who is from Siberia in Russia. I saw this shining young woman in her wheelchair. She told me:

“My dream is to get the gold medal in the Paralympics game in Rio this year. I had a car accident 11 years ago that put me in a wheelchair. At some point I found a sport that was crazy fun and gave me back my mobility: hand-cycling. I got better and better, now I am representing Russia.”

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“My first crazy dream was to go to the London 2012 games, and I made it, and I won my bronze medal over there. I then decided that in 4 years, in the next games, I will go for more and for gold! It is a lot of dedication for me, and going to the games, it means to experience the crazy spirit of people united from all over the world, it is always a giant story behind every paralympic athlete.”

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Svetlana Moshkovich is a big wake-up call to life; such a kind, humble, person radiating energy and full of hope. She inspired me – hopefully she can inspire you too.

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