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A sausage-maker is getting paparazzi to refocus their cameras away from celebrities to the real stars of this world — people who do good for others.

Amateur photographers, like you, can also get paid the big bucks for snapshots – earning $500 for capturing the best weekly picture of someone committing an act of kindness.

Jimmy Dean launched “Paparazzi For Good” to pay professional celebrity photographers their going rate to capture images of everyday people helping others.


In the video below, professional photographer Giles Harrison captures shots of a man who cleans his local beach and a chef who hands out food to the homeless. The company will use the images in ads splashed across magazines that that mainly cover the rich and famous such as US Weekly and People.

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“Looking back on the pictures I took today it fills me with a sense of passion, a sense of purpose,” the paparazzo says of his change of pace assignment.

Paparazzi For Good, part of Jimmy Dean’s “Shine it Forward” campaign, was extended to the general public last Friday and the company says it will choose the best photo of the week and pay $500 for the submission.

You can post your pictures of people doing good to their website, or just post on social media with the hashtag #ShineOnPics.

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Photos so far include images of a man who runs a horse rescue operation, people collecting used medical equipment to donate to others, and a Boy Scout simply changing a flat tire for a friend’s parents.

(WATCH the video from Jimmy Dean below)

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