Bandaged Baby Kangaroos FEATURED FB Waroona Veterinary Clinic

When a wildfire swept across Western Australia, a pair of veterinarians and their nurses elected to stay at their clinic to give free medical care to animals left behind.


Baby kangaroos, possums, horses, dogs, and cats were brought by firefighters to the staff at the Waroona Veterinary Clinic, keeping them busy around the clock.

The Joey family this afternoon, all doing well, putting on weight and stressing as little as possible!

Posted by Waroona Veterinary Clinic on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Kangaroos, wrapped in pink and blue bandages, have filled the paddock behind the clinic, since brush fires swept through the town of Yarloop and scorched 76,000 acres in early January.

relaxing roo Bandaged Baby Kangaroos FEATURED FB Waroona Veterinary Clinic

The fast moving blazes struck the town with only 25 minutes warning. Hundreds of people were forced to flee so quickly, they had to leave pets and livestock behind.

cat 2 Bandaged Baby Kangaroos FEATURED FB Waroona Veterinary Clinic

Genuine heroes, Dr. Ronald Schneider and Dr Rebecca Flegg have traveled to farms and ranches around the region, taking food to surviving livestock and rounding up strays that needed medical attention.

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Communities across the region have rallied to donate food for the animals, and the clinic has a stockpile of everything from dog food to cattle feed, which they are offering free of charge to anyone returning to Yarloop.

(WATCH the video of two of the clinic’s rescues below) — Photos: Waroona Veterinary Clinic, Facebook

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