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Milan may be the new center of eco-chic design on the Italian Peninsula after a company “took a risk” and invested in a way to turn food waste into 3D printing materials which they then use to print tabletop furniture.

They’ve made table lamps, incense holders, magazine racks, key bowls, clocks, and bookends, all with lemons and oranges from the islands of Naples and coffee grounds from the bars of Milano.

They may be expensive, but the company says they are popular within their price point, and every kilogram of printing material they produce is one kilogram of carbon emissions saved from being created in a landfill.

The little Milan-based firm called Krill has a patent on their printing goo which they call ReKrill, and corporations like San Pellegrino and Four Seasons are already using their products.

“If all that furniture was made using our materials, we would be able to recover them, crush them, and print other furniture with the same material,” Marco Di Maio, director of operations at Krill, told CNN. “If, by mistake, any of our material ends up in the ocean, it is biodegradable and doesn’t produce any microplastics.”

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You could also create compost with the furniture if you wanted to, and if you have a problem hound who loves to gnaw on the chair legs, they wouldn’t be poisoned from doing so.

As part of Krill’s mission to reduce landfill waste, they have partnered with non-profits looking to channel city food waste like coffee grounds into sustainable recycling projects.

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