How one views common everyday objects can be a window into how you can experience the beauty of life—either with boredom and blandness, or wonder and creativity.


John Bodnar has been a CNN news cameraman for more than 25 years – and though he is often assigned to cover unexciting political press conferences, he has a knack for finding the magnificence in his surroundings. Over the course of his career in Washington, DC, he has taken time to look up, and capture over 50 photos of chandeliers from directly underneath their lights.


Some of the photos in the series are from hotel lobbies or train stations he encounters during his travel trips to cover the president, but many are captured within government buildings around Capitol Hill (like the one below).


Bodnar, who hails from Pennsylvania, is living a life far removed from his grandparents who went to work in the coal mines immediately after getting off the boat, and illumination was as fancy as a lantern in your hand.


He says he’s “obsessed” with photography, and his chandelier posts are just a few of the frames posted on his Facebook page that sparkle with the magic found around us everyday.


Though the chandeliers may be made out of metal and glass, their dazzlingly symmetrical designs look like fragile snowflakes.




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