Following their 2017 general election, the UK now plays host to the most diverse panel of MPs (Members of Parliament) in history by inducting more women, openly LGBT and non-white members than ever before.

For starters, 10 new MPs of ethnic backgrounds were elected, including the Labour party’s Preet Gill, Parliament’s first female Sikh, and Tanmanjeet Singh, the first turban-wearing Sikh MP. This brings the total of non-white MPs to 51.

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Additionally, seventeen women were elected as MPs, four which are black. This brings the total amount of female MPs to 208, with women making up about 45% of the Labour party and 21% of the Conservative party.

The amount of openly LGBT MPs has risen from 32 to 43 since 2015 – a 40% increase.

Then, according to the BBC, 2 more MPs with disabilities have joined the Labor party: Marsha de Cordova, who is blind, and Jared O’Mara, who has cerebral palsy hemiparesis.

“Better representation is a test of the quality of our democracy and one that is particularly urgent given the increased engagement of young people – a group that is not only more diverse but also expects discrimination of whatever kind to be combatted,” Omar Khan, director of race equality charity Runnymede Trust, told The Independent.

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