golf-for-wounded-vets.jpg After golf professional Jim Estes met some wounded veterans, he was moved by “tremendous guilt”.

“I started thinking about how these young kids have been so traumatized. I kept thinking that I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t do something to help their lives. It was just something that touched me, and I knew I had to get involved.”

Over the past two years, Estes, 43, has devoted his talents for golf toward positively influencing the lives of dozens of young vets — even helping to design better prosthetics.

Watch the video below, or read more the story at the Washington Post 


  1. This was a very inspiring story. It reminds me a lot of my grandpa because he loves to play golf, and although he was never wounded, he fought bravely in Wolrd War II. I am so proud of him- I love you, Grandpa!:-) I am thinking of printing off this story and letting him read it when we go visit him again.

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