Roxy Getter just became the youngest female to ever reach the peak of Mount Kilimanjoro – and she hasn’t even peaked into her teen years yet.

Because 8-year-old Roxy and her 10-year-old brother Ben have both had heart issues in the past, their parents talked to a cardiologist before the climb to make sure that they would be okay.

As it turns out, the kids were better than okay – their parents say that Roxy and Ben never once complained over the course of the 5-day hike. In fact, their cheerful attitudes soothed the exhaustion of hiking all 19,341 feet of the mountain.

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In addition to the heart issues, the family has never actually camped overnight before. Though the Getters used to actively hike when they lived in Arizona, they recently moved to Florida where the only practice they could have for the Tanzanian mountain was climbing stairs.

Conquering the tallest mountain in Africa may have been an exhausting endeavor, but the family says it was all worth it – although Roxy says she might take a break from climbing mountains for a while.

(WATCH the video below)

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