Years after he was convicted and imprisoned for armed robbery, Rameil Pitamber found an unlikely mentor in the very cop who arrested him.

Pitamber was only 17 years old when he was left reeling from the death of his father in 2013. Spurred by grief, the troubled teen attempted to rob a restaurant at gunpoint. He was arrested, convicted for armed robbery, and sentenced to 11 years in prison.

Deputy Police Chief Brian Nugent was the officer who arrested Pitamber – but even after helping to put the youngster behind bars, Pitamber’s mother stayed in touch with the policeman so she could convince him that her son was not just another criminal.

Pitamber was eventually released early from prison on good behavior, and he knew that he did not want to repeat the mistakes of his past – but he also knew that he would need a mentor if he wanted to succeed.

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As fate would have it, Pitamber was working at a Goodwill store in Avon, Indiana when Nugent was dropping off some donated goods.

Pitamber then asked Nugent if he would fulfill the role of being his mentor – and the conversation ended up blossoming into a meaningful connection.

“He treated me with compassion and understanding, and he never treated me less than, not once. To this day, he still builds my worth and self esteem,” Pitamber told CBS News. “With him in my corner, I can do anything.”

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