seizure treatment sought in CO-GazettevideoAfter failed treatments by some of the country’s best neurologists and most powerful pharmaceuticals, families whose children suffer with severe epilepsy are moving to Colorado to get marijuana oil, a miracle-like treatment that successfully improves catatonic kids.

“No matter what we did, nothing helped. She just got worse until she was almost a vegetable,” said one father. “She had no chance at life.”

Then in July, he and his wife, saw an online video of a Colorado Springs girl’s astounding recovery from epilepsy using an oil made from a special strain of marijuana. The girl, who had been catatonic, was now laughing and dancing in a ballerina outfit.

The Halabis in New York City made the same decision families from Alabama and elsewhere made: “As soon as we saw it, we knew we had to go,” he said.

The Swann family of Alabama moved too, motivated by the dozens of seizures their daughter was experiencing daily. Their sorrow has been replaced by joy, seeing their daughter’s rapid improvement.

Almost 100 families such as the Swanns and the Halabis have migrated to Colorado, drawn by online videos and media reports touting the benefits of the oil, which has not enough THC to get a person high.

According to Dr Margaret Gedde, a Colorado physician who has recommended cannabis derivatives to patients with severely epileptic children, eight of 11 families she studied said their children’s seizures had bee reduced by at least 98 percent, according to an article on the medical migrants in the Telegraph.

Meanwhile, a bill to legalize cannabidiol, the medication derived from marijuana, is making its way to the Alabama legislature, with support from Republicans in both the House and Senate.

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