This 24-year-old farmer might be the new Macgyver after he rescued two kittens from rising flood waters with just a broom handle and baby wipes container.

Duncan Bridges and his stepdaughter had just entered their Sheffield, New Brunswick farmhouse on Thursday morning when they heard a faint mewing coming from inside the walls.

Bridges leapt into action, prying off two of the boards and shining his flashlight into the wall’s interior.  Sure enough, there were two small kittens stuck on the ground between the walls – and the space had already filled with 4 to 5 inches of water.

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The farmer quickly created a makeshift bucket out of half of a water gallon attached to a string, but it proved unsuccessful. He then struck a broom handle into a plastic baby wipes box and scooped the kittens out of the water.

He later escorted the newborns to the Oromocto SPCA for treatment and care.

“I’m thinking that [the mother] had the kittens in there, went out to find food, and the water came up so quick she couldn’t get back in,” Bridges told CBC. “They needed somebody that knew what they were doing with them. It was a stress off my shoulders.”

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