Hope Holland spotted a familiar picture online that showed two young brothers in a bathtub. It was a photo she, herself, had taken in 2000 — it was a picture of the son she had been missing terribly for 15 years.

Jonathan_abduction_screenshot_KNTVThe Campbell, California woman spent more than a decade looking for Jonathan, after his father fled with him to Mexico when he was only three.

True to her name, she never gave up hope that she’d see him again, but was shocked to find him suddenly on Facebook.

“Tears uncontrollably fell down my face, my hands were shaking, my body was shaking,” she wrote later on a GoFundMe page set up to take care of all of the expenses involved in bringing Jonathan back to the U.S.

“I scrolled through picture after picture, crying,” she said as she looked at his other photos from a life with him she’d missed out on. “It was like flashes of little movie trailers, giving me insight to pieces of his life.”Money-money-photoby-401(K) 2013-CC

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When Jonathan turned 18, he posted the photo hoping his mother or older brother, Jacob, might see it.

He was reunited with them last week, and Jonathan plans to move home to Campbell after he graduates from high school in Mexico next spring.

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