This 50-year-old Australian just became the first woman to wingsuit above the frigid terrain of Antarctica.

Heather Swan first got into extreme sports after she attended an inspirational lecture from extreme sports junkie and wingsuit record holder Dr. Glenn Singleman in 1995.

23 years later, Singleman is her husband and full-time adventuring partner.

Now, the couple embarks on dozens of record-breaking stunts. In addition to setting the record for jumping out of the plane 12,000 feet above Union Glacier last month, they also performed the first and only wingsuit voyage of the Grand Canyon in 2015 and broke the record for the highest base jump in a wingsuit after they jumped from Mount Meru.

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When Red Bull asked her whether women in sports encourages other females to participate, she said: “You want to see people like you doing it, and that becomes much more inspiring. Especially for the little girls.

“When I was growing up, we only saw men doing sports, competing in the media. It’s still the case in extreme sports, and if you look at the major news channels. I think that does have a huge impact,” she added.

(WATCH the video below) – Photo by Caters News

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