has partnered with the Good News Network to award free gourmet fudge to five people who are consistently doing nice things to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Kengi Carr - DoSomethingSaturday.orgAfter we sent out a request for nominations, we received stories lauding inspiring people across the country, but from among them we chose 5 winners to be honorary “Good News Ambassadors”.

The five good news heroes will be able to choose from among 40 tempting flavors from including diabetic-friendly selections.

Here are the honorary Good News Ambassadors, who always “give a fudge” about others while helping to uplift society.

1) Kengi Carr – You know immediately upon meeting him that this man is someone special. “There is a sparkle in his eyes and he speaks generously with kindness… He has survived more than the average amount of suffering, yet continues to be grateful for each day.” Following his own bout with homelessness and a diagnosis of HIV, Kengi began serving the local homeless population and low income people living with HIV in Southern California through a project he started called Do Something Saturday. “And I happen to know he loves sweets!” (Nominated by Alexandra Kube, photo, above)

Pepper Carlson2) Pepper Carlson – Two people nominated Pepper. One of them wrote: “She has been an all-in-one support system to me.  These past two years have been emotionally extreme for me; being laid off, getting hired at an amazing place (with more pay) only to be laid off again… Her blog has always given me confidence and inspiration to step outside my comfort zone, be thankful, and recognize all the love I have in my life.” (Nominated by Adam Acheson and Jeneal Hill)

LauraBeth Young-inpsirational-fudge-winner3) LauraBeth Young – LauraBeth Young – “She has had such a tough year, but continues to inspire others despite the difficulties she’s endured. Her inspirational Christian website: inspires many with her letters and poetry.” She has survived being a victim of domestic abuse and although currently living with chronic back pain from an accident that left her with severe spinal damage, she still finds the time to inspire and coach others. “She is always positive, cheerful and encouraging to whomever she meets.” (Nominated by Kevin Ryan)

Sandra Switzer coach-fudge-winner4) Sandra Switzer – “As a life coach, she provides constant encouragement and enthusiasm to all those she comes in contact with. She goes above and beyond to share her resources (via in regard to counseling, wellness and uplifting workshops. Sandra is a kind and compassionate individual who shows a genuine concern for mankind and is a positive influence to anyone she comes in contact with. (Nominated by Amy Jo Hall)

5) Megan Quitko – This riding instructor whose positive attitude “shines on both people and animals… always provides all the smiles and encouragement any rider could ask for – on good days and bad.” Additionally, she raises money for Komen Cure events and promotes many animal related interests to prevent cruelty and “actively seeks homes for needy animals.” (Nominated by Dawn Starr)
Raspberry fudge-SendFudgedotcom

Thanks to everyone who submitted nominations. The winners will be receiving notification in the next 24 hours with instructions for collecting their delectable prizes.

And, thanks to for their desire to highlight good news heroes.

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