This guy isn’t just a Good Samaritan – he’s also a great football player.

A tight end player for the Arizona Cardinals is being hailed for rescuing a young traveler from a distressing situation at the airport’s ticket counter earlier this week.

Delilah Cassidy, who is a law school grad from Tempe, Arizona, was returning from a trip in Europe when she ran into an issue while boarding.

Cassidy had purchased an American Airlines ticket home when she realized that they had a new policy that required her to pay for her carry-on bags. Since she had just arrived in the US, all of her credit cards were being rejected because her banks did not realize she was back from her trip, and the baggage counter only accepted cards – not cash.

As the clerk told her she was about to miss her flight, Cassidy started to panic – and then a “guardian angel” stepped in to help.

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The man volunteered to pay for the fee, and waved away Cassidy’s insistence at paying him back. Instead, he just told her to pay it forward.

The best part? The compassionate stranger was actually Jermaine Gresham, who was a tight end player for the Arizona Cardinals last season.

Cassidy, who happens to work in sports journalism, was delighted to discover that she had been rescued by a Cardinals player; she had not initially recognized Gresham because he had not been in the pro bowl since she was 16 years old.

Regardless, it’s probably safe to say that Gresham has made a new lifelong fan.

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